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4 Ways I Stay Motivated

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Greetings family!

Just wanted to take a break from making some tweaks to my website to check in with you. How is everyone doing with all of this pandemic-ness? I know all the lockdowns and protocols and isolation can be a bit overwhelming, and make it even more difficult to get things done. So I thought it might help to share a few things I do to stay motivated. (#4 might surprise you, and #2 is the toughest for most people to do.)

Here’s my top 4:

Start With Why - The King created us each with a purpose, and there’s nothing more motivating than being reminded of that. If you’re like many who are unsure about exactly what yours is, then seeking the Creator is the place to start. Remember, we’re made in His image, so if we look to Him we’ll find our true selves there. Know what yours is? Write it down, and then do something to move a little closer to fulfilling it. Even if it's a small action, it may just be the beginning of you gaining the momentum you need.

Guard Your Mind - Avoid social media for the first hour or two in the morning, and the last hour at night before bed. If you can swing it, avoid your phone altogether. Social media is full of people showing their best lives, embellished for effect with the flaws edited out. Seeing that first thing can make us feel like we’re falling behind. I try to wake up early to pray and read Scripture first thing. I’ve found this sets my mind right and while it doesn’t guarantee a perfect day, overall I’ve found connecting with the King gets me more focused on what I’m supposed to be doing throughout the day.

Ask “What If?” - I heard someone say that none of us is actually lacking motivation, but we don’t get stuff done because we’re scared. Scared of what we’ll lose. Even scared of what we’ll gain. Scared that we won’t make it, or that we will make it and we won’t know what to do when we get there. Those are scary thoughts. But what if you took a few mins to really think through the what ifs? Really ask yourself - what’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best that can happen? What’s most likely to happen if you don’t do anything at all? Run the scenarios, and you just might come up with one that truly excites you. If you do then start working towards that immediately. If you don’t, go back to #1 and ask the King to show you your real purpose.

Make Your Bed - There’s an army general that says that doing this first thing in the morning will change your life. Whether you buy into that or not, it is a good way to start the day with a quick win. Full disclosure I don’t actually practice this one - mainly because I wake up early and my wife is usually still sleeping. But I try to use this principle nonetheless. Maybe for you it's not making the bed either, but reading a book, or doing a quick workout. Whatever it is, make a habit of doing that one thing as soon as you wake up. Since we’re naturally oriented towards momentum, it makes sense that if we get a quick check on our to-do list, we’ll be more inclined to keep checking things off. Or at the very least your bed will look nice.

These are just a few things I find useful, so I’m hoping that maybe one or two of them will help you navigate through the stresses of this season a little better.

Which of these are you gonna try to start doing? What else do you do to stay motivated?

Leave a comment and let me know!


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