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You're my Queen so very special
And I'm giving you my love
To fall for you was very natural
So I'm giving you my love
No other woman is so beautiful
So I'm giving you my love
So come a little closer we're in this thing together
I'll lead you to the Kingdom this loving is forever



Baby for you I'll make the sacrifice
To have and to hold and make everything nice
You are the one to make me roll the dice
To ask you the question I didn't think twice
That's why I choose you in every situation
Every interaction a new education
You are the harmony to my melody
Girl you're heavenly


I love the way you make me feel
Something so true, something so real
To give you all my love and all my affection
Is my only intention 
Dedicated to protection I'll keep you safe
Dedicated to perfection in Jesus name
That's my responsibility
Girl a gift you are to me



Cause you make me feel so right
Sent by the King and shining so bright
And you make my heart take flight
There is no other one who carries your light
And you make me feel so good
With you I am stronger than I ever was
If I had to choose again I would
If I had to choose again I would
I choose you